Symposium is now full

The response to our Symposium has been incredibly enthusiastic and we reached full capacity a few hours after the registration opened. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, you can still register and we will inform you if a space opens up. We are also working on setting up a video feed so those who can't attend will be able to participate long distance. 

Thank you so much to everyone for your interest in our Symposium! 

Publication of the State of the Future 19.0

The Millennium Project has released its annual report, the State of the Future 19.0 (available through this link). It begins with the stunning claim that "Most children born today are likely to be alive in the year 2100." Contrast this with the fact that only a minority of foresight studies venture beyond 20 years from the present. The report highlights 15 global challenges that the Millennium Project has been tracking since 1997. It updates its State of the Future Index (link to the interactive visual presentation of SOFI 2015-2016). Chapter 4 summarizes three alternative Future Work/Technology 2050 Global Scenarios that its team has created; these scenarios serve as inputs to national workshops (17 so far, others in preparation) to explore potential strategies to address the issues they raise. The report integrates the information collected from the Millennium Project's unique 63 national, regional, and thematic nodes and their active members. The executive summary of the State of the Future 19.0 is available here.