Grappling with the Futures:

Insights from

Philosophy, History, and Science, Technology and Society

Futures studies, which emerged as a new field after WWII, offer a variety of methods for predicting, forecasting, anticipating, controlling, imagining, and shaping multiple futures. Those methods include trend extrapolation, predictive modeling, scenario-planning, Delphi, and Wild Cards, to name a few. The goal of this symposium is to bring together philosophers, historians, and science, technology and society (STS) scholars who are deeply engaged with the exploration of the futures. We will begin an interdisciplinary dialogue that interrogates the goals, concepts, and methods of futures studies and probes informal futures-oriented thinking that is ubiquitous in social thought and practice. 

Videos of symposium presentations will be posted in November 2018. Publication plans are under way. The page on New Books is continuously updated and provides information on recent publications by symposium participants.

The symposium has generated a lot of fertile interactions that we wish to continue through a permanent network of scholars and practitioners. More information will be forthcoming. If you are interested, please contact Yashar Saghai at